Sunday, March 27, 2011

BUS 3500 Week 3

This week part of the focus was on corporate ethics. To me ethical behavior starts from the top down in a company. This week we learned a code of ethics can be a guideline for employee decisions.

We watched a video clip from the movie Jaws, where the mayor of the town is presented with an ethical decision. After the first shark attack, should he close the beach or not? The coroner even made justifications to explain that the shark attack never occurred. Needless to say the mayor kept the beach open because it was the start of their busy season. This unethical decision led to more people getting killed.

The Jaws story was to illustrate what poor ethics can do. Ethics are a very important part of running a business. They  something that we all need to remember when involved in business. I like it when ethics are discussed because it's makes you self evaluate how ethical you are. Bottom line is it makes me more aware of my behavior.

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