Friday, February 25, 2011

BUS 3500 Week 2

This week we learned about the different market management philosophies and their focus.

Production:  Focuses on the internal capabilities of the firm.

Sales: Focuses on aggressive sales techniques with the belief that high sales result in high profits.

Market: Focuses on the customers wants and need while meeting the organizations objectives.

Societal: Focuses on enhancing society's well being while meeting customers needs

After learning about all of these philosophies, clearly the one to pursue is the market oriented  approach.  The companies that accomplish this are very successful, likewise the companies that fall into the sales or production orientation aren't very successful in the long run. Societal has it's place. It can be successful, but to me it applies to a niche market. That being said the green businesses that are promoting energy conservation seem to be growing rapidly.

I like to keep these approaches in mind so i don't fall into the sales orientation trap. It's easy to just want to sell sell sell, but as i learned this will not work in the long run. The customers needs must be met.

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