Saturday, April 9, 2011

BUS 3500 Week 7

This week dealt with one the of three P's of marketing. Product. 

In particular, I liked the part that explained packaging and labeling.

Labeling can be persuasive it can promote a product. An example of this is the athletes on a box of Wheaties. With the use of a famous athletes image, the label promotes the product. 
In addition to being persuasive, labeling can also be informing. The informative information provided on a package can help to lower cognitive dissonance, show use/care and help the consumer make the proper selection. An example of this is the informative labeling on a box of high efficiency laundry soap. 

The informative labeling on the laundry soap provides the consumer with all the information necessary to make a proper decision.  

This information can serve as a good reminder if I'm ever involved in the labeling and packaging of a product. Or simple selecting a label or product to sell.

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